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JSK Update Log - (Updated 24 November 2018)

Updates to the 16-bit DOS version were stopped in January 2011. The 32-bit Windows version software updates were stopped in June 2014. Only the efficient and versatile unix terminal version, solidly built using the German FlagShip compiler is undergoing constant development with the future in mind.

Due to our forward thinking plans for a product with superior performance at an affordable sustainable cost, the SSH terminal (Linux) version of JSK, either self-hosted or in the cloud, is currently the only version that we recommend and has all the latest features and our full support.

Latest enhancements: (build 6I324)
(Note: Bug fixes are attended to as soon as they are reported and are not listed here.)

Older Update History - click here (Only enhancements made since 2016 are listed on this page.)

08/01/16 Show dollar prices in current local values in quick lister. Prefixed with "~"
20/01/16 Added standard stock location filter to gold register
21/01/16 Added currency type help screen for dollar type selection
21/01/16 Introduced multiple currency option for pricing (both cost and retail)
25/01/16 Added supplier filters to write Up by range merchandise and std.stock
27/01/16 Made finder calculate correct Gross Margin percentages with metal dollars
05/02/16 Added Euro as an option for pricing. Similar operation as Metal dollars
09/02/16 Made pushback reports show cost instead of tag prices enabled multy-currency
09/02/16 Allowed push back function to accept comment lines and remember for re-prints
19/02/16 Made purchases receive keep forex retail prices when importing shuttle file
20/02/16 Added 'ix' (inventory transfer) button to send shuttle data files to server
20/02/16 Added 'hour glass' busy indicator to PutPic where needed
23/02/16 Added Gamma image adjustment for sudo-HDR effect for PutPic
25/02/16 Added preview magnifier and image switch camparator to PutPic 3.03
16/03/16 Added separate totals of positive and negative debtor balances to bsum reports
16/03/16 Added an alert for credit notes without refund
18/03/18 Made sales transaction terms print on A4 vouches even if 15 items were entered
18/03/18 Added a warning if a purchases invoice number is repeated for same supplier
19/03/19 Added customer's email address on serviice orders (except workshop)
22/03/16 Added option to print valuations converted to Euro currency (was USD only)
24/03/16 Added option to SMS new orders receipt
26/03/16 Added utility to merge duplicate customers (SFNU from outer menu)
31/03/16 Cleaning up old code. Removing obsolete options such as "normal" statements
05/04/16 Added mat code and received date filters to merch & std.stock cost reports
07/04/16 Made the "quick last duplicate" do a full duplicate of the last ref. posted
07/04/16 Allowed both billing and normal email addresses to be used for billing
12/04/16 Password protected cancellation of a sale once item code(s) has been entered
20/04/16 Added direct link at bottom of customer file maint. to service order View & New
21/04/16 Allowed creditor journal entried with bad dates. posting VAT to recent month
22/04/16 Allowed same supplier journal invoice number for 1 minute without warning
23/04/16 Expanded HTML & emailed valuations prices with thousand spaces
26/04/16 Added cell/email filters to letters-mail-list to CSV for export for bulk SMS
26/04/16 Made letters CSV mail list go directly to management emai
30/04/16 Made duplicate cell-numbers list for selection in sales, orders & file maint
04/05/16 Added customer type and balance to cell_phone lister
07/05/16 Added extended repairs history by using old backup files transparently
07/05/16 Added "update supplrs' to inventory file maintenence menu
15/05/16 Made saving historic repairs data automatic. Removed special delete passwd
18/05/16 Added option to display detailed list of cash before accepting deposit
30/05/16 Added option to print a Gift Receipt after posing a zipsale
30/05/16 Enabled auto-orders to report uncollected readied orders as an option
06/06/16 Added screen option to GL chart of accounts listing
25/06/16 Added new auto push report: Picture Catalogue of Sold Inventory
26/06/16 Added optional group code filter to pushed auto detailed sales reports
02/07/16 Added consignment used option to auto dtld sls reports
05/07/16 Allowed POS users to replenish std.stock with passkey & optional P/Wd
05/07/16 Added option to show discount percentage in auto detailed sales reports
11/07/16 Allowed gold register to accept lookup barcodes
14/07/16 Added amount filters, and financial year selection to Data->Purchases utility
16/07/16 Expanded purchase journal appropriations from 4 to 8 amounts
16/07/16 Added auto outstanding appros report
21/07/16 Added alert if IBT is being accepted by a branch that is not involved in IBT
25/07/16 Added optional background logo to PDF invoices
02/08/16 Added option to upload images from web data displayer
14/08/16 Improved UX prompt for cell-number not found when doing sales transaction
16/08/16 Allowed creation of GL summary reports (PL/BS) as at any required date
16/08/16 Added warnings and hints for setting and resetting GL date cap
18/08/16 Improved userbility of customer selection and adding without duplicates
19/08/16 Added list of previously modified email branch settings to email settings
20/08/16 Moved suburb data to city field if city was not entered. Only while adding
23/08/16 Added sort selection to merch & std stock check lists to help find Bin* counts
06/09/16 Made detailed sales report recognise raw code filter. Start with '*'
07/09/16 Allowed bin number zero to be specified in the By Supplier reports
07/09/16 Added voucher/ref filters to on consignment on-hand reports
08/09/16 Converted bsum and bage reports to XLS format on capable servers
09/09/16 Updated raw writeUp to multi-currency
12/09/16 Allowed filter by bin number = zero in merch & std summary reports
13/09/16 Added customer Cat filter to mail list selection
13/09/16 Added day-of-week to inv. detailed sales reports to CSV & XLS
16/09/16 Added fuzzy search algorithm to help inventory finder and quick-finders
16/09/16 Made GL Recon Known Discrepancy Notes auto-save to disk
25/09/16 Added GL account 43900 for separate Output Tax item in income statement
01/10/16 Added option to allow adding more valuation lines than 9, with same name
06/10/16 Added graphic title underline & overline to headings to emailed sls vouchers
07/10/16 Added option to send payment receipt by SMS
24/10/16 Added change of date promised to order tracking data
27/10/16 Neatened emailed detailed job packets and allowed graphic underlines
28/10/16 Added email and laser options to customer & workshop order vouchers
31/10/16 Changed creditor remittance advices to full-option recon. statements
31/10/16 Added ability to edit emailed recon. sttmnt & remitance covering letters
11/11/16 Added user-friendly editor for management report email/cell addresses
15/11/16 Added show price or cost option for detailed Std.stk check list sorted by ssr
18/11/16 Show supplier name if Enter pressed on supplier number in GL recon utility
01/12/16 Showing GP% where practical on merchandise file maintenance menu
06/12/16 Added option to not print label data. Use setup code="X" for that data item
08/12/16 Added on-line shopping website real-time stock data from JSK access tool
13/12/16 Added link to go directly to sale from customer file maintenance
20/12/16 Added warning to service orders if no cost is entered.. Opt "[CL" neutralises)
30/12/16 Added option for non-unique history record update in esoteric utilities
31/12/16 Added POS option to view GRV reports provided same user had posted GRV
31/12/16 Allowed customer journal 'add comment' to create new history set
31/12/16 Allowed POS users to view their own goods receive journals
15/01/17 Added *NICKNAME* to letter writer batch merge variables
21/01/17 Made ssr image thumbnails display in web finder list
26/01/17 Option to print side-by-side A5 vouchers on micro-perfed A4 paper. T&Cs
28/01/17 Allowed POS users to price list / HTML picture catalogue reports
04/02/17 Added merchandise & std stock Group Movement & Turn Ratio by month rprts
04/02/17 Added auto-report optios for monthly group movement & turnover reports
07/02/17 Added options for dual-mode logins for colour scheme and shop manager
16/02/17 Added date-since filter to orders search utility
20/02/17Option for Order passkey password to be  required if price reduced
08/03/17 Improved appro list to require Enter to leave list and show totals cleanly
15/03/17 Added single-function dedicated program for order tracking (jsk -1 chngloc)
17/03/17 Added option for triplicate 40-column vouchers/xfers/serviceorders
29/03/17 Allowed scrolling down long service order details after editing is blocked
31/03/17 Added passkey requirement to petty purchases, obeys [A=S and [A=SSS
01/04/17 Allowed flagging as redundant a zero-amount purchases journal entry
04/04/17 Allowed editingf non-inventory descriptions in sales without re-setting default
12/04/17 Changed "SERVICE ORDER NUMBER ..." TO "(REFER ORDER: ...) on invoices
15/04/17 Added separate credit note amount field for creditor journal entries
17/04/17 Option to allow POS user to view full sales journals if [A=JJ
19/04/17 Added IBT received affirmations screen report
24/04/17 Made by-supplier on-hand report show price in addition to cost
26/04/17 Added bin number filter to bar-code labels by number range
30/04/17 Improved user-friendliness of statement program. No exit after counts etc.
04/05/17 Changed year-end inventory reports and cust.age report to PDF
10/05/17 Added check for previously unfinished before allowing order cancel without password
10/05/17 Added blank record purge from repairs (& related) files in Util->Hkeep->Clean
13/05/17 Improved editing user experiance in sales. Up/down and 'space' to delete
14/05/17 Made delete key clear an invoice line if no characters have yet been entered
14/05/17 Confirmation prompt to prevent accidental cancellation of sale before print
17/05/17 Increased Insurance claim limit to 2 million with option to further override
26/05/17 Added options in std.stk cost reports to include consgnmnt and show retail
05/06/17 Allowed base64 encoded SMS messages provided email is plain/tex
08/06/17 Added customer number & name to gold register W.I.P. listing
09/06/17 Added transaction sort for historic GL years
14/06/17 Added last-edited date and time to CRM editor (customer notes etc)
21/06/17 Added date order due to gold register W.I.P. listing
23/06/17 Added option to generate an HTML picture COST catalogue of merchandise
28/06/17 Creation, and 'Cleansing', of stock branch turn correct the MTD and YTD data
11/07/17 Added reports for 10 and 15 location StdStk check list sorted by SSR
18/07/17 Added option to include image transfer with graft export and import
27/07/17 Added company name to header of VAT summary and 2-month-total reports
27/07/17 Allowed replacing merch. group & description when invoicing service order
28/07/17 Passed customer details to valuation editor when "I" selected from invoice
01/08/17 Added option in Data Register to show customer/supplier names for raw mtrl
06/08/17 Added option to extract locations for sub-company output VAT reports
06/08/17 Programmed, VAT reg# & valid locs for extracted loc. out Vat rprts
11/08/17 Added invoice number (bref) search to Data History search
12/08/17 Improved IBT editor to limit Std.Stock quantity tand prevent accidental cancel
17/08/17 Added option to display inported codes after grafting inventory
30/08/17 Allowed !description to hide item on invoice if price=0
01/09/17 Allowed push-back search to span months
02/09/17 Added location groups for sales analysis. (try branch=X)
04/09/17 Added utility to do controlled update of one data table to another (MyUpdte)
12/09/17 Added tildes (~) before price in picture catalogue if being converted to local
14/09/17 Added alert if part is used in a service order that also has a linked code
22/09/17 Alert when other orders are pending for same client before messaging
22/09/17 Added editor for on-line store inventory descriptions
08/10/17 Extended SMS character limit to 480 characters (160 char per unit charged)
08/10/17 Extended Once-off message to allow sending SMS of up to 480 characters
12/10/17 Password protected forced change of deposit bank account + allowed unknown
23/10/17 Made Sls,Trans,Byslsmn obey dot and dash wildcards as per sales analysis
30/10/17 Made posting of sales transactions immune to network failures
05/11/17 Allowed 480-char (3xunit) SMS replies to emailed replies
18/11/17 Many minor bugs and irregular behaviours being attended to as priority
04/12/17 Added warning alert if Q(uit selected before saving new order
11/12/17 Allowed operator key for maximum discount override in sales (+DISCOUNT)
11/12/17 Allowed limiting of recods shown in Utilities->Amend ollog2
12/12/17 Added customer category E for E-commerce
20/12/17 Improved SMS replies to decode UCS-2 encoded replies (emojis show as ±±)
24/01/18 Added current platinum price to gold and USD exchange rates on valuations
26/01/18 Allowed editing of SMS messages from service orders. (up to 3 SMS units)
30/01/18 Made current std stock discount show on duplicate invoices (when positive)
15/02/18 Added system to bulk check stock by weight. for bin# or new GRV batch (IPE)
02/03/18 Made purchase journal entry details, in addition to ref, remembered
02/03/18 Allow re-selection of pre-defined email address if none selected
05/03/18 Automatic set of VAT to 15% during March '18 monthend
15/03/18 Allowed multiple material codes in std.stock & merch. stk check list selection
28/04/18 Added buffered blind capture option for fast memory/rfid scanner upload
01/05/18 Added Inven->Tran->Impute_s/sheet to tranfer supplier delivery to inventory
02/05/18 Added ability to report only undomiciled (not located by branch) raw material
02/05/18 Added mail list code(s) and date-added to CSV bulk mail lists
03/05/18 Added ability to impute new prices only from supplier's spreadsheet
04/05/18 Bar code lookup editor now recognises EAN-13, EAN-8 as well as RFID codes
04/05/18 Can now report stock codes that do not have product bar code definitions
04/05/18 Made spreadsheet imputed prices skip if currently priced in forex
08/05/18 Added live "Import" utility for RFID readers. Required no pre-capture program
09/05/18 Made .dotSSR stock searches pervasive wherever a lookup search is useful
10/05/18 Added stock take 1-page summary analysis report
14/05/18 Added help in price list reports to filter by location
14/05/18 Added live statistics to RFID capture screen
14/05/18 Change merchandise bin set utility to allow long product code scan
15/05/18 Enlaged product_code lookup field size to accomodate UHF RFID codes
16/05/18 Added terminal minimum terminal size check and alert at program startup
17/05/18 Added CSV option to customer age analysis reports
18/05/18 Improved unfinished posting reporting, included POS actual user notification
21/05/18 Added CSV option to creditor's age analysis
06/06/18 Allowed stocktake report picture catalogue to include std.stock images
07/06/18 All picture catalogue reports now also get sent by email
07/06/18 Can now include all (not just imaged) missing items in stocktake catalogue
09/06/18 Made stock take reports remember last-used bin number
24/06/18 Added ability to add and use serial number feature with merchandise
11/07/18 Added NFC token recognition for use as operator pass-keys
19/07/18 Inv->Stktake->Import->RFIDread can now re-enter without duplicates
25/07/18 Added forensic data to payment records (operator passkeys option only)
26/07/18 Added CSV option for credit and debit balances only customer age analysis
03/08/18 Improved ease of payment entry for both debtors and creditors.
11/08/18 Filtered out and hid duplicate stocktake merchandise codes when reporting
13/08/18 Added option for manual setting of exchange rate for dollar-priced items
23/08/18 Added Negative Payment to negative GP alerts if option z is enabled
30/08/18 Added location filter to push-back unconfirmed search
04/09/18 Added "lead_days" field to online store API data
06/09/18 Allowed quick operator NFC scan to bypass passkey requirement (sales)
11/09/18 Added In Stock filter to missing lookup codes report
17/09/18 Made improved utility to quickly & safely set stock-on-hand to capture list
07/11/18 Added Android RFID Handheld reader import utility
13/11/18 Added GP% to by supplier CSV reports (assumes 15% VAT included in price)
20/11/18 Optional print desc+SSR on label. Set tag_colour=+ (crops last line of desc.) .

Please contact support if you discover a bug or wish to request an enhancement.

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IF you wish to continue using this version, please note that it WILL NOT RUN ON WINDOWS 10!!! It does still work on the current version of Windows 8.1, but future update patches from Microsoft might break that ability.

This version used older technology and lacks all the new features. The lack of ability to scroll back screen reports alone make the move to the secure (SSH) terminal version a must. Ability to print all reports directly to emailed PDF is another important feature missing from this version. The third thing to consider is that by using the system on you own computer you alone are responsible for the integrity and backup of your data. The extra costs of using our cloud services are easily justified by any one of the advantages.

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