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Note: Prices shown for products in the above on-line store are NOT CORRECT and in fact may be significantly lower. Please call 087-151-1587 for the correct prices.


Label application tool

The tweezer helps to minimise the contamination of the special Crosstik adhesive used on Zetag labels by eliminating contact with skin. The high-temperature adhesive also requires pressure to be applied so as to properly bond the adhesive layers and the tool's presser function makes the job easy.

Label Pressure Sealer

SKU MM--110 for 16mm long labels (shown above): R72.00
SKU MM--111 for 28mm long  labels: R84.00

Customer Services

Ring Size Gauges

These sets of low-cost gauges are ideal for lending or giving to potential customers. Order them with your company logo and contact number and they can be an effective selling aid. Sizes are from E to Y (21 rings) plus a two-sided name/logo disc.

M--112 Ring Size Gauges

SKU MM--112 R45.00 per set. Minimum order 10 sets if personalised disc is to be designed. 50% discount on orders of 40 sets.

Window dressings

Lady's hand. Average size but rigid. Plastic can be filed to help to fit rings that are a bit too small. A tray at the base is suitable for placing a price tag or additional small items.

MM--113 "hand" 2018

SKU MM--113, specify black or white, left or right hand. Not available for sale. Please enquire.

The Sorceress by Louis Drigger

MM--117 The Sorceress

SKU MM--117, Colour options, large or small. Not available for sale. Please enquire


The Jewellery Shopkeeper and derived versions

  • The Accounting Shopkeeper has no inventory control
  • The Business Shopkeeper has standard inventory control
  • The Jewellery Shopkeeper has standard as well as jewellery inventory control.
  • In addition to the above basic options, many features are optional. Also, reduced prices are offered for very small businesses.

    Get the full software price list here (PDF).